Naktala Sammilani

Naktala Sammilani

Naktala Sammilani is going to project this year’s theme called ‘Parama Prakriti’. They are using metals like iron, steel etc to decorate their pandal. The pandal will be 40 ft tall. At the entrance there will be 6 different sculptures which are the symbols of six seasons. They are also making flowers and leaves using metals. In the hands of Goddess Durga there will be 10 flowers instead of the weapons. Lighting effect is the main attraction of this puja. There will be some oval shaped steel plates where the viewers can see the sky of autumn through it. Apart from puja they have organized a garments distribution campaign on 30th September.


Year: 56th

Budget: 12 lacs

Theme: ‘Parama Prakriti’

Theme Maker: Sri Tamal Krishno

Opening: 30th September (Chaturthi)

Guests: Yet to be Decided

Protima Shilpi: Sri Tamal Krishno

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